Theme Marketing and Truth

Emperor Constantine had already in 325 AD successfully managed, “to correct” the truth subsequently. Since then Christianity does not keep the Shabbat any longer on that day, on which Jesus Christ Himself kept God’s Shabbat, but followed Constantine. You, dear Dr. Kleinfeld, may as CEO of Siemens, after Constantine’s success consider it perhaps the privilege of the mighty in this world, to rewrite truth subsequently. This is marketing wise not “clean” style. Constantine desire was it, to get Christianity “judenrein” , later also Martin Luther. Have you such horrendous of truth necessary?

Markenführung describs the truth, that the Holy Spirit was poured out at Shavuot, not at Pentecost, likewise as Jesus died also not at Easter but at Pessach for our guilt and rose! Today, on Shavuot, I wish your Marketing management the Spirit of God, who also called each of your customers to life. Who loves his life (his customers), remains with the “truth”, for she and “love” and “Glückwünsche” Wish Jerusalem happiness: they shall prosper that love thee. (Psa 122:6, translated from Luther) are the most refined marketing strategy, trust me!

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    Dieser Blog will die Wahrheit in Liebe wieder auf den Ursprung zurücksetzen. “Wahrheit” und “Liebe” werden auf Dauer doch das beste Marketingmix bleiben, lieber Herr Kleinfeld. Als Drittes – aller guten Dinge sind Drei (Tri…

  2. […] They will give their scent again, for all mankind, and especially for you. To pause, to bear with oneself, in His peace (Shabbat) to find oneself, whom do I follow, Mohammed or Luther – no matter whom, if it is not the LORD, have the consequences not always been devastating, deadly for every Jew, especially the ONE? … To get still at Pesach means, to accept consciously the Jew and His Father, to receive Him inside of you. Move out from your bondage, disassociate completely from an attitude of mind that lifts itself above the Jewish people and repent yourself – freedom! Then the shady veils of your darkness fall in a glassy see of flowers before His throne of Grace, arise, shine, you will be able to keep the laws of your Father again with joy and you will see Zion, and you will arrive to His time of the feast, when HIS foot will touch the Mount of Olives and returns in Glory. […]

  3. […] In few days the Jewish people will celebrate the feast of weeks, Shavuot (on the 23 May) in remembrance of Giving of the Law at the Mt. Sinai. It’s not a coincident that on the same day and feast we received the Holy Spirit (Acts 2). Both symbolize birth, birth of the Nation of Israel and the birth of the Church / Body of the Messiah. […]

  4. […] Shavuot is the second pilgrimage feast, it’s the second phase in following God after we have been saved and redeemed from slavery to sin. […]

  5. […] few days the Jewish people will celebrate the feast of weeks, Shavuot (on the 28 May,2009) in remembrance of Giving of the Law at the Mt. […]