HCI – Deputy CEO Dr. med. Georg Blum, D-56191 Weitersburg

I believe if we mean it serious with our following Jesus, we will not come around to sanctify the Shabbat. Through the confession to His Shabbat it comes to a healing in our basic relation to the Creator God … What by all means can bring with it physical healing, believe only, so that you may receive it, so it will be yours! Yes, I believe, it has to do with the heartily “reception”, to become a concrete part of His wonderful works – and to thank Him in advance, He is holy! Through thankfulness we will be enabled, “to register” Him, to receive Him! So I receive nowadays His promises for me in faith, that in the spiritual realm they are already fulfilled in love – and thank Him! For instance in Psalm 118:17-18: I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD. The LORD hath chastened me sore: but he hath not given me over unto death. The Shabbat is His work, since eternity prepared for me. I just needed to receive it, so that this joy could come into existence. This work I will proclaim, especially to the children in all the world – I burn so much for, that I can‘t wait, till He has healed me again. I thank the LORD for the kindling of this longing and desire in me. Thereby I take Him nothing from His holy sovereignty. We live all by grace alone. Shabbat Shalom!

Eric Martienssen

Since my secession from the Church in 2009, my Jewish Orthodox friends in Israel and I have been following the Fake News of Rome in articles and political Shabbat commentaries on GSI (God's Sabbath Int.). The former Pontiff destroyed the dwelling place of God, the temple in Jerusalem – fact! Was the New Testament and the Church just a world dominance inspired business idea of Rome? What is politics today? Enjoy your trip on GSI.