by Eric Martienssen

The WORD speaks referring to God’s Feasts (hebrew: Moedim) translated from “determined times” and first winds – the wind blows where It wishes – are reaching also single Christians “again” – in fact we do have a mercy God who undoes His Kingdom and restores what was lost. For remembrance: the God chosen determined time for the puring out of the Holy Spirit was – long long after biblical times – changed by people ! (To even recognize worldly changes on Eternally Holy items, it needs first of all a fair share on perception capability of the “Date of change”! We speak here from the gift of discerning the spirits, to recognize what is from God and what from people, respectively what is biblical and what is worldly –according the holiness of God the “fleshly will” of man ?)

The receiving is determined on fifty days past Pesach. But also, for His ordination, His love for us, connected with keeping His commands (write them on the tablet of your heart) – the feast of remembrance of the Giving of the Law at Mt. Sinai. Thereafter stands the keeping of His commands in dependance to the receiving of the Holy Spirit. We are invited to share this joy with His people for one day from this evening on (Actual Shawuoth-Reading, Jerusalem).

Hag Sameach

Eric Martienssen

Since my secession from the Church in 2009, my Jewish Orthodox friends in Israel and I have been following the Fake News of Rome in articles and political Shabbat commentaries on GSI (God's Sabbath Int.). The former Pontiff destroyed the dwelling place of God, the temple in Jerusalem – fact! Was the New Testament and the Church just a world dominance inspired business idea of Rome? What is politics today? Enjoy your trip on GSI.