I write about this because healing has much to do with the understanding of the holiness of the Shabbat. Shabbat Shalom, Rolf Piller

In the meantime I received many suggestions what else one could do. If you feel led to do so, then go ahead with it. I for my part want to close that chapter and move on to praying for those affected.

Dear friends,
In the following I submit the introduction of a Christian magazine in Germany and the brief comment of a friend. Take the time to read both to close on a chapter called Lakeland / Todd Bentley.
But at the same time I would like to encourage us all to remember that we stand only by His grace and that it is our obligation to pray for those who fall for deception. I know God sometimes forbade even to do that, but I have no warning against it, therefore I am earnestly asking you to join me in prayer for Todd Bentley and anyone in the leadership there, that God will deal with them according to His great mercy.
Also for those who have been deceived, they need all our compassion. Learn the lesson not to trust in man but in GOD alone. Don’t blame God for what has happened. GOD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY KIND OF MISUSE, DECEPTION, etc. HE WAS AND IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE HOLY, PERFECT & GOOD.
Let us not be high minded and lift ourselves above those that fell for the deception. It is only His mercies that we didn’t follow it as well. Embrace in His love your brothers and sisters, who go now through a tough and difficult time. Be a shield and support to them, when others will attack them.

www.pro-medienmagazin.de 32/2008 (an extract and corrected)
The controversial evangelist Todd Bentley, who caused not only because of his unusual appearance, but also because of his unusual methods at meetings at Lakeland (Florida) for sensation, apparently will leave the „revival“.
(This has happened in the meantime, as an affair with a female worker speeded up his departure from public appearances. He has been released from his functions at FreshFireMinistries).
After “pro” reported in May critically about the tattooed and pierced preacher, we received a lot of replies. Most expressed critic about our scepticism against Bentley. Todd Bentley made also headlines in none Christian media, because he seemed to heal people with kicks and shouting from sicknesses. Numerous observer are still sceptic and raise questions; at “You tube” you can view loads critical videos from the „Lakeland-Revival“.
Still thousands of visitors stream from all across the world to Florida, to have part in the revival.
On Monday Bentley informed, to ask for the divorce from his wife. They have two daughters and one son. The pastor of the local church in Lakeland, Stephen Strader, explained, the couple has received marriage counselling for years. The revival broke out in April this year, on August 23rd wants Bentley to appear for the last time at a meeting.

(This is already outdated, the events are moving speedily.)
Meanwhile has a former co-worker from the Prophetic Movement, Andrew Strom, published a critical book about Lakeland, the title is „True and false revival“. Strom has been for eleven years part of the movement, to which also Bentley belongs. In the beginning it has been really a revival, says Strom. But in the course of time the movement has lost more and more its biblical base and it’s true commission.
Eventually the phenomenon, that have been thought to be the effects of the Holy Spirit, have become more and more demonic. Angels, light, gold dust and jewels – many people came for fairly unbiblical reasons to the meetings, whom Strom rather wants to call a „circus“ but not a place with a God fearing atmosphere.

From a friend:
I have had a pile of emails about the latest round of the Todd Bentley fiasco.
Just a quick note at what the spirit spoke into my heart as I was about to forward this stuff on… He said…Don‘t send these things on. Those of you that know, know. It is over. Don‘t fall into Satan‘s trap of involving yourself in gossip-remember that he is out there to trap you and trip you any way that he can.
So I share this with you-be careful-your adversary is a roaring lion-so you didn’t fall for the deception, don‘t fall for the next trap…
(Let the peace that passes understanding be your constant guide) .
Love you

Eric Martienssen

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