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Parashat Shabbat Tazria–Metzora and Commentaries

Leviticus 12:1–15:33; 2 Kings 7:3-20 (4:42–5:19)

Abstract of a commentary by Michael Schneider,
israel today, Jerusalem:

In last week’s Torah portion we learned about clean and unclean animals, this week’s reading begins with, “when a woman gives birth (tazria).” When a child is born, it is the beginning of all things. Also, in this reading we are shown that purity standards were given and at a time when the children of Israel were in the desert. Included in this passage, were also the differences in giving birth to a boy and a girl.

Later we read about the leper (metzora), who was healed through true humility. A classic example we find is in a Torah portion on the prophets (haftarot). There (in II Kings 5) we read about Naaman, a prideful Syrian General, who first needed a godly lesson of humility by dipping seven times in the dirty Jordan River. This is what the prophet Elisha commanded him to do, as it is written in Leviticus 14:7. Before he could be healed he had to immerse and cleanse himself, not only physically, but also spiritually. –That’s real Godly Healing.

Shabbat Shalom!

Down you will find a video commentary by Rabbi Chaim Richman, The Temple Institute, Jerusalem:

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