Parashat Terumah – Our Temple’s Mission

Exodus 25:1 – 27:19; Isaiah 66:1 – 66:24

Commentary by Rabbi Chaim Richman,
The Temple Institute, Jerusalem:

“Egypt is now behind us – it’s time to get down to business . . .“ G-d says essentially: We’ve been through enough together; after all He says: I created the world for a purpose:
That you should know who I am!
So Israel is commanded to build the tabernacle in the middle of the desert, it’s a spiritual oasis in the midst of a foreboding emptiness . . . later the tabernacle becomes the Holy Temple. The whether we talk about the temporary tabernacle or the permanent Temple on Mount Morjah the message is the same:

    Israel has a job to do, a calling, a mission, and that is to bring the lights of the divine presence by making a house for G-d’s sake, by welcoming Him in, by welcoming Him home.

»And they will build Me a sanctuary and I will dwell amongst them.« (Exodus 25:8) »Build it for ME«, G-d says. For My names sake. I want to dwell amongst man in this world. Such is My desire. G-d is not asking for perfection from mankind. Only for a welcome into this world..“

Shabbat Shalom

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