Exodus 10:1 – 13:16; Jeremiah 46:13-28

Commentary by Rabbi Chaim Richman for The Temple Institute, Jerusalem, Israel:

The ability to renew ourselves is hard-wired into our being. It is the active ingredient of our “Tzelem Elokim” – the Divine image in which we are created. This same ability for self-renewal is built into the universe and is reflected in the renewal of the moon every lunar cycle. When G-d presented to Israel the tracking and determining of the new moon each month as Israel’s first commandment to perform as a new nation still in Egypt, He was hard-wiring the propensity for self-renewal into the DNA of the national character of Israel. Israel’s monthly celebration of renewal will be shared with all the nations in the rebuilt Holy Temple…more:”

Shabbat Shalom

Eric Martienssen

Since my secession from the Church in 2009, my Jewish Orthodox friends in Israel and I have been following the Fake News of Rome in articles and political Shabbat commentaries on GSI (God's Sabbath Int.). The former Pontiff destroyed the dwelling place of God, the temple in Jerusalem – fact! Was the New Testament and the Church just a world dominance inspired business idea of Rome? What is politics today? Enjoy your trip on GSI.