Further recommendations

The 1.700 years after Constantine‘s „renunciation of the entire Christianity from all customs and practices of the Hebrews“ have left deep hurts on both sides, lastly through the Holocaust. After such a long time of estrangement from „God‘s holiest values“ it is understandable, that likewise Jewish and Christian religion and organisations find it difficult to view and accept the Shabbat as a link between Jews and Christians – for all of us „holy“. God’s Sabbath International wants to play its small part with this recommendation list, to reconcile again God‘s forcefully separated children. HE wants to be loved from both of us, just as He is! And the very first thing, what He called „holy“ for ever and all mankind in the Thora/Bible, is the Shabbat – a promise?




Messiah Fellowship – We have not become Jewish, Messianic or legalistic, but we obey HIS word!


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