Sunday was for Germany declared on the 1.1.1976 per DIN-regulation 1355 (German Institut for Normation/Deutsches Institut für Normung) to be the 7th day of the week. Only the Roman-Catholic Church resisted this typical German thoroughness in the destruction of Eternal Holy Thoughts of God and their services begin unfaltering for worldly changes with the reference: We hold the mass in the Name of the FATHER, the SON and the HOLY SPIRIT and celebrate the 1st day of the week as the day, on which Jesus Christ has risen.

To even recognize worldly changes on Eternally Holy items, it needs first of all a fair share on perception capability of the “Date of change”! We speak here from the gift of discerning the spirits, to recognize what is from God and what from people, respectively what is biblical (Bible / TaNaKh = Five Books of Moses + Prophets + Writings) and what is worldly.

Early Christianity: The first Christians where Jews. They kept in the succession of Jesus naturally the Shabbat on the day, on which also Jesus and – without exception – all His Apostles kept it! That is the history, as it is written in the Gospels. In the first century was the Day of the LORD – His Resurrection day – mentioned even by Paul “parallel”, “not as replacement” to the Shabbat day sanctified by God for ever, among other things to be able collect the giving from the congregation. Afterwards they went again to work, because it was a quite normal working day. That much to the Epistles. Everything else is invention by people to make the Eternally Holy “available” according to their own likings. And what the Heathen Christians liked least, where Jews, God’s sovereign decision as His Holy People.

We are still with the theme “Date of change”! Only in the 2nd century – therefore  after the biblical events and their recording – we find the mentioning of single groups, that did not want to keep the Shabbat any longer “parallel” to the “Lord’s day”, because they did degrade the Shabbat as a Jewish-”law”, thus also with Jesus, the Jew, who had kept naturally the Shabbat-”command” of God at any time of His holy mortal presence and action. Does one not dare anymore to ask oneself, whose spirit one follows in reality, when it is not the spirit of the Jewish Rabbi Jesus from Nazareth? In the 4th century had Emperor Constantine recognised the formation of Christians in the manifold different groupings in his Roman Empire as a not controllable danger for his own power maintenance. He needed to unite the Christians, though they had only one common denominator: the jealousy towards the Holy People. This was the date of the Christian “judenrein” area and simultaneously the liberation from God’s eternal holy command of sanctifying the Shabbat for the entire Christianity to this very day.

With that we go back to the first paragraph, Germany and its secularising reforms. Martin Luther and his book “Letter against the Shabbat keepers to a good friend/Brief wider die Sabbather an einen guten Freund” (1538), has in this country – unknowingly – many friends. Does no one want anymore to walk with God and in fellowship with His Chosen People across the heights of the earth, about which HIS mouth has spoken? Apparently not, for those Christians that sanctify God’s Shabbat are moving in the area of per mille amongst the Christians in Germany. Shame? Who couldn’t understand her? – However, there is someone  who understands her, has totally great and open ears for your repentance, who desires nothing more as your return to the Holy Place so that you may walk with »joy« in the Holy Place.