Curriculum Vitae Rolf Piller

CV of Honorary Chairman Rolf Piller O.B.M.

Curriculum Vitae Rolf PillerBorn in May 1940 in Vienna, Austria († January 25, 2010 in Duesseldorf, Germany). Growing up in the heavily bombed city of Vienna, he could later watch the build up of the city, slowly but surely. Learned profession electro-mechanic, later he studied Electro-technique besides his job at HTL Schellinggasse, Vienna.

Married with 21 years to Maria: “as my studies started and we desired to be together.” A good decision, that would bring nine wonderful, although not always easy but shared years “for us”. Deadly end in August 1970 through a cardiovascular collapse initiated by her kidney problems.

Move to England, later on to Germany, to gain a foothold again. Founding a new family together with Kaarina; professionally return to the former market, where he had become Leader of Product Management at the world market leader of that time in the copying market. Move from Bensheim – Bergstraße to Hannover. After almost three years return to Hessia, as his employer downsized the company dramatically and there was no room for him as Marketing Manager. But also in Hessia only one year because of disagreements regarding the task in international group. Change to financial services, about a year later move with that company to London, England.

In 1980 return again to Germany, in the Export of Copiers, responsibly for the Middle East and parts of Europe, before in 1984 the opportunity arose, to start a new product division for a large international company. Therefore move to Düsseldorf: “My hectic time, that brought me in His grace – for in 1979 the Lord Jesus had found me – to the pinnacle of my success; within less than a year our company jumped to the market leadership, the breakthrough for the products on the German market was achieved and the rest of the market swam in our shadow.” Beginning of 1987 founding of Eurofax GmbH, in 1989 unexpected the bankruptcy.

Almost 2 1/2 years in Jerusalem, attempt to start an Export agency, finally he had to recognize, that he had not asked Him, if that was His idea and in His will. Return to Düsseldorf. A new start in real estates, with quite good results, till the Lord put an end to it.

Now Piller was presented by the Lord with important decisions. Result was: at the beginning two times for three month each moving to the Ukraine, with Ebenezer, “Operation Exodus”. than he spent almost three month in the USA, primarily in Brooklyn, New York; commission by the Lord: initiate the Aliyah from North America. Following that he was challenged to go to the Far East of Siberia, where he has spent most time in Jakutja: “A huge country, only since 1992 again independent, with more as 3 million km² all of Europe fits into it, however only 1,5 million people live in this endless space. Here you find “The Gulag Archipelago”, described so vividly by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.”

Hardly back, after very busy eventful six months, he received the call to pray about, if he would be prepared to open in Lvov, Ukraine, a new base. Where he found himself in November 2000, to build up that work. With God‘s help it was successful, guided by Piller till September 2002, before the Lord brought him back to Düsseldorf and assigned a new task to him. In House of Prayer & Outreach Ministry, now renamed Destiny International Centre, he soon was called as a pastor with the emphasis on Outreach to the fringe groups. Beyond that he ministered also in Greece.

Pictures of the funeral of February 1, 2010 (Week BeSchalach)
“Your place remains forever vacant – beloved Rolf”, taken by Eric GSI Martienssen

Pictures of the funeral of February 1

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Pictures of the funeral of February 1