HE levelled the way for the restoration of spiritual truths taking centuries, that in their last consequence once again are being brought together, what belongs together. A great part of the essay concerns itself engages with the concept, that the Shabbat could become a link between Jews and Christians … As I impute to God, that He knows, what He is doing, therefore I presume, that both ways, the one of the Jews as also the one of the Christians were in His plan.

Why His Shabbat also became my “Schabbes” – testimony and teaching in nine paragraphs, by Marita Sara Meyer read more…

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What would Jesus have done on Shabbat? Would He have gone to the BBQ party or to the beach? Or would He have gone to the Synagogue to sanctify Shabbat and have read from the Torah?” Quotation by Michael Schneider from »nai-Israel today yearbook 2006«, to be ordered by israeltoday. ©2005 israelheute, Jerusalem

by Michael Schneider, Jerusalem

Shabbat was by God “created last, but thought of first“.

In the Bible is the first mentioning of Shabbat already in the second chapter of the first book:

And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made. These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God made the earth and the heavens.” (Gen 2:2-4 KJV)

This is also the first part of the Shabbat-blessings, that is spoken in the evening at a festive covered table.

Shabbat = schawat = resting, to stop from all work


On Friday the believing Jew prepares for the great and holy day – it is the preparation day.

On preparation day the last duties before the Shabbat are done: tidying up, cleaning, cooking, etc. – for on Shabbat every work is prohibited. This concept of the preparation day we find already at the time of the 40-year wandering in the desert of the children of Israel after the exodus from Egypt. God supplied the people at Jom Schischi, the 6th day, with two rations of heavenly Manna bread (Exodus 16:4-5+35 and Psalm 78, 24), so that they had no need to collect on Shabbat.

From God‘s perspective is “a day like thousand years”. According to the Jewish time count we are in the sixth millennium, this shows, that we stand before the beginning of the seventh or the Shabbat millennium Kingdom of the returning Messiah. (We have the year 5766 [2006], if one takes the known „240 missing years“ into account – see Israel today May 1999 – then one knows: The coming of the Messiah is near!), this means we are in the preparation years!

For one thing one can really envy religious Jews: their reference for holy matters. This shows among other things, that they will always dress festive, e.g. with a white shirt, to visit the Synagogue. They go well dressed in the House of God or the „little-sanctuary“ (mikdasch me’at) as it is called in Ezekiel 11:16. The distance to the Synagogue that the Jews will walk on Shabbat by foot, the car remains in the garage! From this reverence for holy matters Christians can learn a lot. Many Christians come sloppy dressed in the services of their churches, with shorts and T-Shirts or even with unclean and torn jeans! In many churches one gets the impression, as one would enter a club by all that noise and trivial small talk. Often the Bible will simply be placed under the chair on the floor, a floor that became dirtied from street shoes. Such a thing one will never see in a Synagogue. This respect was found formerly also in the church, but it has become more rare. Today lack of respect and contempt shape the picture.

Many will hold against: ‘Main thing the heart is right!’ Certainly: in the end it depends on the heart, for God looks at the heart (Is 66:2) – but one should not forget the following: Your outside is a reflection of your inside! How would it be, when one would give the beloved wife no more roses, because such things are only outwardly signs and anyway it counts only, that one loves by heart! Outwardly matters express something of our inner believe. We do maintain in our family for instance very consciously Sabbath-specialities. On this day for example things come on the table that are not served during weekdays.