Family & Ministry Newsletter October 2006

Shalom from a once again peaceful Mt. Carmel. We trust that you are all well and enjoying the blessings. We have just experienced something we thought was still a long way off in the future. We have just lived through five weeks of war in Southern Lebanon and northern Israel. For 5 weeks Hizb’Allah rockets rained down death and destruction all over the north of Israel. Many of the 4000 rockets landed here in Haifa, killing at least 10 people and destroying a number of apartments and causing other damage. Most of you received our daily updates in which we shared the events of the day, and Stefan’s situation. For Josie and at home, with both sons in the army, I it was an experience unlike any thing we had gone through in our lives.

The sirens warning of rockets on the way to Haifa often began sounding at dawn and continued through out the day until 9.00 pm. We would quickly close all the windows and shutters, then head to the bomb shelter at the end of the house. The sirens gave 30-60 seconds warning, so we would then sit and wait for the thuds as the rockets exploded in various parts of Haifa. Some landed close enough to our apartment that all of the doors and windows shook. Thank God, most of the rockets landed in open ground or in the sea, but a few did hit buildings and caused loss of life and a lot of damage. More than 10 people were killed in Haifa over the 5 weeks of rocket attacks. We would count the number of explosions, wait a few minutes, then exit the shelter and look out from our balcony to see if there was any serious damage nearby. Then it was back to what we were doing until the next time the siren went off – sometimes hours, sometimes a few minutes.

This experience was quite frightening at first, but after the first few days we became strangely used to the routine of working around the sirens and time spent in the shelter. What was the most difficult thing to deal with was the very unsettled feeling in our stomachs, knowing that our Stefan was in the very centre of the conflict, that other young soldiers were being killed, and that his life was constantly in very grave danger. We want you all to know that only two things gave us any assurance and shalom in our hearts. The promises of Psalm 91 and knowing that thousands of our precious prayer warriors were standing in the battle with us. It was definitely an experience unlike any other we have thus far had to live through and a valuable preparation for the tribulations the future surely holds for all of us.

The Post War Political Situation Peace has returned to Israel but the political situation is not good. To say the people of Israel are dissatisfied with the performance of the Prime Minister and Defense Minister would be an understatement. Several IDF generals resigned in protest and have added their voices to those of the general public, calling for a public enquiry into the way the war was handled and for the top government and IDF leadership to resign. In what must have come as an absolute shock to most Israelis, it seems we can no longer trust the government or the army to protect us. This may well be a great boost to evangelism, as we have the only answer for Israel’s protection – The God of Israel and Psalm 81:13 In addition to the internal problems, we have the problem with Iran’s president wanting to destroy Israel and Syria talking about developing their own Hizb’Allah to take back the Golan Heights from Israel. We continue to see an increase in anti Israel and anti Jewish statements and acts, all over the world, with many commentators comparing these times with pre WW 2 Nazi Germany.

Update on Stefan Stefan is a living testimony of answered prayer. During the recent war, he was at the very forefront of the battle, with rockets, mortars and mines exploding all around him and his unit.

He personally witnessed many horrors including seeing fellow IDF soldiers blown to pieces just metres away. He rescued and helped to evacuate the badly wounded and personally carried the remains of dead IDF soldiers back behind Israeli lines. We are blessed to be able to report that due to your prayers, not only did Stefan get thru the 5 weeks of war uninjured, his unit is the only one that did not suffer any losses or even injuries.

Every one we know, says it is a miracle. Josie and I are amazed at how Stefan seems to have handled the emotional trauma of the things he has experienced. Now the Lebanon mission is over, Stefan and his platoons are going back to Ramallah for the last 2 months of his army service. There is still danger there so please keep Stefan and his men under the Blood of the Lamb. At the end of November he will return to civilian life until he is required to begin annual reserve duty.

Jordan is now two months into his initial IDF training. He has told us that is getting quite tough now. He has been doing exceptionally well with his shooting training, gaining a couple of ‘bonus shots’ because he did so well.

He will train for the initial 4 months, to be followed immediately with another 5 months tailored training for the special unit that he will serve in. This special training will be even tougher than the regular training.

He is coping very well and already we see signs of change in Jordan – good signs. He of course enjoys and laps up all the comforts of home, when back for the Shabbat, eating us out of everything by the time he is ready to return to his base.

When he is not eating he is sleeping. Please pray for continued success, favor and protection as he trains and for divine protection as he travels on public transport when travelling between the army and home. Please pray also for physical strength and endurance and mental strength.

I ( Josie ) have told him that you are all praying for him as you did for Stefan. I got one of those lovely smiles from him which only a ‘Mom’ can interpret and know the meaning of. I know he was very encouraged to hear that …….. So thank you all for your faithfulness to pray Jordan ’thru’ the first stages of his army service. It is such a comfort and encouragement.

Humanitarian Aid The 5 weeks of war in the north not only caused cost lives and caused millions of shekels of damage, most factories, offices and stores were closed due to the danger of rocket attacks. Most weren’t even touched by the rockets, however many businesses and families have been hit financially, some very seriously. The government has given some assistance, but there has been and still are many opportunities to be the hands of the Lord to those in need. Now that Tents of Mercy has 5 congregations spread from Haifa, to Acco, to Tiberius, the number of people able to be touched has significantly increased. Acco and Nahariyah are the two worst affected towns in the Western Gallilee. It will be some time before all of the affected families will be able to return to life as it was before the war.

All five congregations will continue to show the love of the Lord to the needy people in their perspective locations. One congregation has a hot soup kitchen feeding the hungry, with another congregation almost ready to start a similar project. The Acco congregation is working closely with the town council and has great favour with the mayor and city council. There is also a new ministry run by a sister named Lydia, attending to the families of wounded soldiers and ministering to prostitutes and drug addicts. Pastor Eitan Shishkoff has asked me to thank you on behalf of the Tents of Mercy congregations for the financial assistance that many have been sending in response to our newsletters. Please contact us if you desire to financially assist any of these outreaches. Please do not deposit any funds for these in our regular bank account as 35% will be lost to the tax department. We will let you know how best to send the support.

2007 IRI Intercession Summit The 2007 Interessors for the Restoration of Israel summit will be held from April 29th to my 8th. Each year the summits seem to be more strategic and more powerfully anointed. Last year we completely filled the bus and we are expecting the 2007 summit to be the same. We limit the number of people to one bus ( 50 seats ) as we feel it is preferable to be all together as we travel around the country, so that we all experience the same thing. If you are a dedicated intercessor and you wish to be a part of the 2007 summit
please contact Josie on her email address as soon as you can to ensure a place.

In closing Josie and I want to again thank all of you who prayed us through the war. Stefan has asked us to also thank you on his behalf and on behalf of his soldiers for praying for their protection. And thank you to those of you who telephoned us or sent emails to support and comfort us We are so grateful to the Lord that he has connected you to our family and this ministry. And we pray that you will be abundantly blessed as you bless the physical seed of Abraham. We will update you further in the December newsletter.

In Messiah Yeshua David, Josie, Stefan & Jordan

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