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In an article published by God’s Sabbath International on Pesach 2009, Israel Yaoz kept track of the often discussed issue in Christian circles whether mission is allowed within the framework of a dialog with Jews.
Yaoz literally: “The word »dialog« implicates that an issue is discussed between two equal partners; as soon as mission is introduced, there are no equal partners; may be it is a discussion but not a dialog.” … “Being a tourist – guide in Israel, I have the honor to accompany many Christian groups; I came to the conclusion, that Christianity and Judaism proclaim the same message. For 2000 years Christians and Jews alike – for whatever reason – accentuated the differences of their convictions, »proving« their point of view, but nobody underlined what we have in common, which is actually much more than what is dividing us.”
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Explained by Israel Yaoz: The Kaddish

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Professor Hanspeter HeinzTo the term »Dialogue« the chairperson of discussion group “Jews and Christians” of the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK), Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Heinz, has written an aghast article on God’s Sabbath International German Site shortly after the German Pope Benedict XVI had announced his amendments to the Good Friday Prayer on February 05, 2008, and pertaining to the extraordinary form of the Roman Missal.
On March 09, 2009, this discussion group “Jews and Christians” of the Central Committee of German Catholics has written a new declaration:
No to Mission to the Jews — Yes to Dialogue Between Jews and Christians“.
Here are the headlines of the declaration, published on “Jewish-Christian Relations”:
I. Introduction
An Overdue Statement, The Term Dialogue, The Term Mission
II. The Jewish No to the Mission to the Jews
III. The Christian No to the Mission to the Jews
IV. A Renewed Understanding of the Messages of the New Testament
V. Closing Arguments
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The Kaddish is one of the most important prayers in Judaism. The Lord’s Prayer summerizes the most eminent thoughts of the Kaddish – sung here for us all, or both of us, Germans and Jews, Christians and Jews, by Ofra Haza: