House of Prayer and Outreach Ministries, Düsseldorf

Pastor Rolf Piller, House of Prayer and Outreach Ministries, Düsseldorf D-40221

Some years ago I came to realise that it is fairly strange that God is talking about eternal feasts and celebrations, but in church they were not reflected. I started to ask, to dig and then I found out that they were changed by man, thus God’s word was still true. As I saw that it was difficult to find support I concluded: “What stops me from simply keeping them?” So I started and find that my live did take a turn to the better, in relationship to Him.

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  1. […] Already the Israel-Day in Bremen, on the 17th of February became, under the leadership of Marita Sara Meyer, a real Network blessing! Not only through the Shabbat – the link between Jews and Christians – but especially through the pronounced significance of the city partnership with Haifa. Such a one is also maintained with Duesseldorf, see Invitation-PDF, where the NRW Prayer for Israel on the 18th of February after a beneficial short presentation by Ebenezer-Volunteer Rolf Piller, as well as a exceptionally gifted preach with deep blessings by David Silver. The meeting with more than 200 participants was closed with flying flags and banners and singing “Baruch Habah beschem Adonaj” – yes. HE comes, Maranatha! […]