Shabbat TAZRIA and Shabbat METZORA Video Commentary

Leviticus 12:1 – 13:59; Exodus 12:1-20 | | Ezekiel 45:16 – 46:18
Leviticus 14 | | 2 Kings 7:3-20

    Video Commentary by Rabbi Chaim Richman of The Temple Institute, Jerusalem:
    „If parashat Shmini comes to tell us that we are what we eat, then parashat Tazria tells us that our fate will follow what comes out of our mouth. Nega Tzarat, the spiritual affliction described in this week’s Torah reading affects people guilty of evil-speech, slander and conceit. Words intended to isolate and repudiate others cause the bearer of those words to find themselves isolated and ostracized“:

    Shabbat Shalom!

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